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Maquette, or why do I keep wanting to make opera
The main topics of my works present human ambition, ambition for heroism, saviorism, fall of heroes and vanity of heroic acts. Topics often thematically often identical with that of classical operas. Yet in my work attributes such as boringness, banality, vanity andemptyness come into focus.My fallen hero is at the same time the artist András Cséfalvay, and his ambition to finalize his opera project, which should take place in one of the operahouses, with live symphonic music (since to all of the operas scores are availibe).

The current piece is a Maquette, a model for the project. A component of a virtual package of visualizations, paperwork, objects, that serve the purpose to be presented to a project organizatior, curator, fi nancial supporter of eventually be sent to the ministry of culture. Scale 1:6 The Maquette on the other hand aspires to be a work on its own.

Main part of the model is the video-stage, which plays a fi lm of short sequences, compilates of my operas, guestures, moments from my opera cycle Fall of the Heores. In addition there is the role of the narrator, András Cséfalvay, who from the work itself makes comments about the work. In most of the things our characters are indentical. The role is at the same time an irony of the artist, and András appears again as a fallen hero. I am stylizing myself always. I do not try to be natural. For what is it to be natural, if not only the constant opting for the easiest solution?