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The Moons of Pluto (collaboration with Lukáš Likavčan)
"The Moons of Pluto" is an audiovisual commentary by philosopher Lukáš Likavčan and visual artist András Cséfalvay. In the spirit of Sylvia Wynter's duality of bios and mythoi, it recuperates notion of the human as a storyteller, and it surveys narratives about ancestrality and cosmic origins. By doing so, it mobilises mythical-poetical resources of Western scientific tradition, usually obfuscated by modernist insistence on secular rationality. Elements of astronomy, physics, metaphysics and Earth-system sciences are enacted as planetological figures - the five moons of Pluto (Charon, Kerberos, Nyx, Styx, and Hydra) - and their stories weave together a web of associations that unveil the hidden cosmic background of the Western culture.