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Michal Pěchouček (2011): All the exhibitions which András composes with great care appear as film montages, with actors, music and dialogues. Yet it would be a mystification to entitle him as a video-artist. Audiovisual innovations and the cultivation of sensuality are not of his concern. András is much more a playwright and a writer, whose work simply needs to be read from beginning to end. This author does not even see a boundary between artistic practice and theoretical research, which is clear not only from his videoessays, but mostly from his philosophical text Voldemort, which was printed this year in an edition of three. In this essay he says it is advisable to simulate certain problems on a factual story. Since the unavoidable reduction, analogy to the whole appears less convenient – so rather than a simulation of the whole, truthfulness can be tested on parts.

The stories, which are more or less known to everyone, and which should encompass something about truth, András as storyteller discovers deeper, enriches the legends with new additions, romantic décor, he creates maquettes with a nostalgic perspective. He cannot allow himself to turn against the myth, his works are to be taken with all its seriousness, lyricism and pathos. He himself is the hero of this ideal world, the author does not disappear. He is aware of his extraordinary abilities and at the same time his human limitations too, and also the fact that he in a way represents the modernistic and a little comical idea of the artist the savior of mankind. Still this character does not fill all expectations of a universal superhero. András places himself in the role, as is: an uncertain but courageous, shy and somewhat shortsighted person. He is not easily read, and rather unpredictable. The character carried with the flow, while the author, incorrupted, directs or reconstructs from a safe distance. This is why he will never be one of us.